Reopening Word365 file issues Sharpoint and CloudDriveMapper

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We have this issue that only seems to affect one user, where he opens a file he had worked on earlier that day, saved on a sharepoint folder mapped as a drive using CloudDriveMapper. 

The file is in the CDM mapped drive, it has a correct last modified time stamp, the same file name as before and correct file size (usually word docs of a under 2mb long, mostly text).
When the user tries to open the file, he gets a word error saying it cannot open it, listing the path and name but not explaining why.
I had believed that the issue was the file path length + very long filenames, and for some files this had seemed to be the case, however, i have shortened the names of other files in the folder, to a couple of words and the problem persists. 
Has anyone seen this issue or come across it, and how were you able to fix it? 
Many thanks
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