renamed Created column: error if used by calculated columns

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If I rename the Created column in a list, I cannot use it to create a calculated column that refers to it... Is this some "feature" of SPO or really a bug?


Just for an exmaple: our tenant is Pt-Br. This means the native/default name for the built-in datetime column for items' creation is localized, "Criado". Below, I've renamed that "Criado" column to "Created" and then tried to create a calculated column referring to it. The error returned says such column  (Created - the new name) "doesn't exist" (even though this new column name was in the pick list of columns for the formula):






and if I rename the "Created" column back to its native, localized name ("Criado"), then try to create a calculated column referring to it, I succeed


Y'all can test renaming the Created column to whichever you want and then try to use it in some calculated column formula.



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have you found a solution for this? Where can I find the native name of the column?

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Hi, never had, unfortunately (and I left the IT dept in January)

@MichaelMr if you change the name of the Created column to something else its internal name doesn't change, it is still Created. This is by design.  You find the internal name of a column by going to list settings, clicking on the column name and the internal name is at the end of the url and will be &Field=Created


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