Removing the Quick Launch & Keeping the Global Navigation Bar in SP Online to max Screen Real Estate

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Hi SharePoint Experts,


I am a business guy that is trying to develop my department's SharePoint Online site. I understand the benefits, and know the basics of the "Quick Launch menu" links (navigation specific to the site) and top "Navigation Menu Bar" links (global navigation visible across all site pages).


I want to keep my Navigation Menu Bar across the top (which I built like a "mega menu," to enable users to jump from site to site). However, on some of my SPO sub sites, I want the ability to completely hide the left side Quick Launch in an effort to maximize my page's horizontal real estate.


If I go to Site Settings --> Navigation Elements --> Uncheck the box for "Enable Quick Launch"......then it removes all of the quick launch links on the sub site with the exception of Site Contents. And given that site contents still shows (despite disabling quick launch), my overall page layout did not shift to the left to cover where the Quick Launch used to be.


Note, I am doing this all out-of-the-box. I am not a code writer and would HUGELY appreciate if you could provide a recommendation for me to 1) completely hide the Quick Launch, 2) have my site layout shift left and use the full horizontal screen, and 3) allow for my Global Navigation Launch to be unaffected.


Thank you in advance!

Doug Doerhoff

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we have mutiple option to impement the Global Navigation


1) You can use Global Navigation Under (Site Setting--> Navigation Setting) 

2) Term Store, (Follow this linke


Follow Steps to Configure Global Navigation 

1) Go to Perent Site 

2) Go to Site setting --> Navigation Setting

3) under Navigation Setting Select Structural Navigation

4) Check box on "Show Subsites"

5) Check the Attachment for more information 

6) Click ok

7) Now Go To SubSite and follow Step 2

8) This time you have to Select "Display the same navigation items as the parent site" Under Global Navigation (This will maintain Same Navigation what we have in Parent Site 



Let me know if this will helps or not. 



Sunit Patil 

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Hi @Sunit Patil,


Thanks for the quick response.  Are the instructions you provided pertinent to Office 365?  Ex. I do not have what you call as "Navigation Settings".....instead I have "Navigation Elements" within my site settings.


Also, my Global Navigation is working fine, I just want to hide the Quick Launch on some pages to expand the horizontal site layout.




Yes this Office 365 SharePoint Steps looks like you dont have permission ask your admin for Site Collection administrator access or if you think you have admin access check for "SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features" is activated or not.  



Sunit Patil

Have you tried to "Change the Look"? Some pages disable the quick launch & only leave the top menu. Site Settings > Change the Look.


SharePoint No Quick Launch Menu.png

Hi @Sunit Patil,


My "SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features" was not activated, so i went ahead and activated it.  However I still do not see the addtional site settings options that you had in your screenshot.  Should I activate anything else or log out / log back into Office 365?




Best way to hide the vertical menu is just by injecting some CSS in your site (you will need a developer for this) that hides the menu...if you only need this for some specific pages, you can insert a script editor webpart in the page and add the CSS. Bear in mind that this is going to work for classic wiki pages...for modern pages, you don't have a script editor WebPart and you have to use one created by the community that works as a script editor WebPart

Hi @Ahewaz Pardhan,


Yes, I saw that when changing from Oslo to Norway the quick lauch disappears off the left side of the screen.  However it is misleading because the Quick Launch on the left replaces the Global Navigation Menu across the top.  This is something wierd to me as being the default, because I'd prefer to keep the Global navigation menu as is regardless of the quick launch so that it cascades across all subsites.



Can you please add your screen shot what all options you see on the setting page??

Sunit Patil

Hi @Sunit Patil


Attached is a snapshot of the settings i have in my site collection level settings

Hi Dougls,


You need to activate Site Publishing Feature to see that option 


following  is the link to activate that feature



Sunit Patil

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Sharepoint developer

I have tried to do this a million times and it will not work.  Don't you have to activate SharePoint Server Publishing first?  I have tried this, but cannot.

Looks like my site collection level settings! Tried everything so far! I am having the same trouble as you!

Navigate to site settings -> Under look and feel -> click Navigation.


Navigation not visible.  I am building a communication site. 

Below setting worked for me for removing Quick link left Navigation Sidebar.


1. Goto:

Site Setting-> Navigation ->Select Managed Navigation under Globar and Current Navigation


2.  Create Term Set if asked: Managed Navigation: Term Set

This did not work - it still leaves the "Site Content" on the left and so you are still remaining with that consuming white space on the left side of the page.  It really seems the only option is to have a developer use CSS etc like some other posts have explained.  That's pretty disheartening that something so easy, that clearly lots of folks want to do, should be so non-intuitive and can't be done with a few clicks.

Hi  Sunil

I have similar problem in my sharepoint site.I have changed the master page of a site collection for branding.i want the same header and footer across all in the setting i have checked the option"reset all subsites to inheret the same master page setting from parent".  This includes the site navigation(quick lunch bar),which should be there in the main site.but I dont want that quick lunch bar in the subsites.


As I am resetting the sites to inherit ,the quick lunch bar also coming,which i dont want.


could you please help me on this .It's urgent.


Thanks in advance

Add a Web Part at the bottom of the page with code to suppress the side Nav box (works for SharePoint 2013 and 2016):


<style type="text/css">
#sideNavBox {DISPLAY: none}
#contentBox {MARGIN-LEFT: 5px}


The script above can be easily added directly to a Script Editor Web Part on the page you want to supress the Navigation. You can adjust the margin as desired.

However, my preference is to add it to a script file and upload the script file to a library. I give it a .js file extension. Then I can call it from a Content Editor Web Part from any page on the Site. Be sure and test the link with the Content Editor Web Part before saving.  

If you have the proper rights, you can also create a custom Web Part called Quick Launch Remover (with this simple code) and make it available to all your sites.