Removing access to Site Assets library which contains images on pages accessible to certain group

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I am currently developing a Communication Site for my company using Sharepoint Modern, and remove the access to unnecessary places for the people who will only have read access to the site pages.


There are 2 Sharepoint Groups: one for the Owners (Full control) and one for Readers (Read-only). Owners have access to everything, Readers will have access to all the pages and documents. However, there's the Site Assets library which contains some images being shown on the site pages.


Now, I am not quite sure if I remove read access from the Readers to the Site Assets library (so it won't show on the Site Contents view), if that will make the images on the pages unavailable for the Readers. They don't need to download those images, open them or whatever, they are mostly thumbnails for buttons, icons and top of the page banners, just for illustration. 

Thank you.

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No, you should not remove access to Site Assets for exactly the reason you suggest. Remember, people with read access can only view content, not edit it. On your communication sites, try to only set permissions at the site level and avoid using unique permissions on any list or library if you can avoid it.
Perfect, thanks for your clarifying response!