Removed All Permission Groups on Sharepoint List


I was editing permission groups for a task list in Sharepoint and accidentally removed all of the current permission groups therefore locking out everyone including myself from accessing that page. 


For context, I made unique permission groups just for that list that I was going to apply. While editing the list's permission groups, I stopped inheriting the permissions from the rest of the Sharepoint site and, before adding the new groups, I deleted the existing groups thinking nothing would take effect until I was finished editing permissions.

The moment I deleted them, I was immediately redirected to an access not granted page.


I am a site admin with full control permissions for the rest of the site. Where absolutely no one has permissions to access this list, no one is able to grant myself or anyone else permissions or approve access requests.


I'm unable to find any resources for fixing this aside from some forum questions from 2011 at the newest.


Does anyone have any recommendations on how to regain access to this list? 

I'm unsure of any other info that I may need to provide, so please let me know if anything else is needed.

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