Remove the page title from a modern page as well as the white space? Someone has done it.

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One of our staff members has managed to remove the page title as well as the white space that is normally taken up when you delete the page title.


It is also unavailable when editing the page.


I am unable to replicate, does anyone know how they have achieved this?  Because we would love to do this on other pages.



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This looks like a home page. Which doesn't have the banner anyway. So you can just copy that page to another page.

To do that go into site content, tick the page, then use copy to, and select the current location. Then rename the page and edit as required.


Just did that to check and it worked ...

The new on the page, also allows you to copy.

Hi Stephen,

This confused me for a while until I realised that it is only possible to achieve this on sites created via Microsoft Groups.

Unfortunately, it does not appear possible to have a page with no page title or white space on sites/site collections created via the admin centre.

There does not appear to be a method allowing me to transfer/download a page from one site collection to another. Would love to know if this is possible though.

It might be possible to use SharePoint Designer to do it. Open the page there in html view. Copy the content and paste into a newly created page.


I think I saw someone post how to do this on one of the blog posts a while ago. Sorry not sure as all my site now are created from the SharePoint page with Create Site.

Please, don't use SharePoint Designer with SPO Modern Pages...I cannot imagine the side effects you can introduce and also the waste of time you can get
Thanks, Juan,

I do not touch SharePoint Designer these days, haven't done for a few years. Out of the box or nothing for us at the moment.

@Andrew Silcock @Deleted @Juan Carlos González Martín  

Change the page layout to home from article by editing it SharePoint Designer.



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@SavanGuptaThanks! This worked for me. I just wanted to remove the white space left by removing the title.

@SavanGupta Thank you. I am just looking to hide title on the banner, i donot want to remove banner, Can you please help ?

Thanks everyone for info. Although we are locked out from opening Modern SharePoint sites either in SPD or mapping the site as a network drive. However I was able to achieve this by using the "Copy To" on the Home page of my modern communication site. Copied it to same library and renamed it to create pages with the home page layout! Good way of not using SPD!