Remove permissions to sub folders in document library and inherit from root.

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I have a document library with 10 folders in. Inside one of these folders is roughly 40000 items. Of those 40000 items the permissions are all over the place and needs tidying. I would like to remove all the permissions from these items and then set the permissions at the top level of that section, then have the rest of the items inherit those permissions. 


I have tried deleting unique permissions at the topmost level but this only removed the permissions for that folder. The rest still had unique permissions. 


Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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Hello @tl_23 


i think the best way is to do that with a script like this:


I have not tested this script, but it looks like, that there do what you need. Please attention, test it and the use it for your library.


Regards, Dave