Remove or Disable Page Options from SharePoint Online Homepage

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How can I remove or disable below highlighted options (New and page Details) for users on SharePoint Online modern site home page? As an admin, only i would like to have access to them.



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@rameshmukka Basically when you add "Everyone" in Visitors group, they won't be shown the Page Details and New Pages menu.

@Ade_Budiman_Lim I have Power App form on this page, so i cant make the users the visitors. Do we have an alternative? I have been searching it for so long?

In SharePoint we can create our own permissions for example "New Contributor", hopefully you can create a new permissions then grant the users with that new permissions.

@Ade_Budiman_Lim May be I didnt make it clear in my question. I would like to have contributors on my site but I dont want them to see the options I mentioned in my question. How do you think its possible? Please advise.

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@rameshmukka you can't hide those from users with contribute permissions.


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