Remove or Delete Comments on a Communication Site's Page

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How do you remove an individual comment or reply that someone has added to a Communication Site's Page?


We are using SharePoint Online. Other replies I have seen about this topic seem to point to SharePoint Designer but we are not using this (discontinued?) tool.


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Well you could access the comments via the Rest API as detailed here - and would need to build up some level of admin page in your site to use these calls and 'manage' the comments.. as in delete the ones you don't want..

Thank you for the link Richard


I was hoping for a more intuitive comment management page rather than having to code a solution :O)

This is overwhelmingly due to the fact that SharePoint sucks.


Not having full CRUD capability in the UI of the comments is an example of what happens when you run a product development project using Agile / Scrum.  Someone put a user story in the backlog saying "Ability to add comments".  But no-one parsed the user story against the templates for established practices, like: permissions, CRUD, governance, to fill out the functionality to a rounded, holistically complete solution.


This kind of half-baked cludge is all over the SP product.  It *is* the SP product.  As a colleague once said on seeing SP 2010: "SP is like the proverbial you cannot polish - but you can roll in Agile / Scrum glitter."

I know it has been quite a while since the original question but it looks like this functionality is now available out of the box. Go to the pages (or site pages) library containing the page that has the comment you want to delete, select the page and in the properties panel, scroll down and you can manage the comments. Hope this helps someone.

@Joe Ayre Work This sounds good, but I couldn't find the part where you could manage the comments. I got to Site pages -> found the news post. But couldn't find anything related to comments. Could you put a screen shot of the path here? I have created the intranet so I should have rights to delete the comments as well. Coding I don't know how to do. Thank you!


I've recorded and attached a short video to show you the required steps. In the video, I add a comment to a SharePoint page called 'Page with Comments' (page-with-comment.aspx). Then, I visit the Site Pages library, select it, open the properties panel, delete three of the comments which leaves one comment. I then open the 'Page with Comments' (page-with-comment.aspx) page to show that only one comment remains. I then add a comment to that effect and end the video.


Hope that helps. Let me know if it does.




@Joe Ayre Work 

YES!!! Thank you so much for the video, I highly appreciate it. I hadn't realized that I should open the details pane (hadn't seen that before). Thank you, this video was very helpful!

@EddaSofia No problem - glad it was helpful.

I found this super helpful as well... thnx + rgds
My pleasure. Glad it helped you.

@Joe Ayre 


I have setup a communication site on our on prem SharePoint. I do not see comments on my page in the properties. Is it something to do with permissions ? I am the site owner with full control.




I use Site content-->page --> (...) Data
on the right site panel select more options and then you can select the comments