Remove Merge Documents and Relink Documents views from library

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Another thing that should be so difficult in SharePoint. I have a user who needs to allow "everyone" to upload documents, but only see the documents they've uploaded. We created a new view to show only documents created by [me], then made that the default view. The 5 people who need to be able to see all documents will create a personal view showing all documents. Next issue was that "everyone" was able to create a new view... so I created a new permissions group and turned off managing lists. Everything was working great... but there are 2 view lists as "Public" - Merge Documents and Relink Documents - that "everyone" can still see. In researching getting rid of those views, I discovered these views were likely added because they're using an InfoPath form for uploading documents. I found multiple suggestions, including deleting the combine.aspx and repair.aspx files in SP Designer, running a Powershell script, and I believe one other suggestion.  I'm afraid to implement any of them, because I'm afraid something will break. Is there a simpler way? Perhaps something else I can remove from the permission group I created?

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I just came across this solution:


I watched the video and it looks like a great solution. Note that I've never used this myself. 

Maybe I didn't explain the issue well, but that doesn't address my issue... all I want to do is remove the Merge Documents and Relink Documents public views that users are able to see in the Library ribbon. Changing users access to read only won't work, because they need to be able to upload documents to the library. Including a screenshot.


Im not sure how that would work but have a suggestion. Create a new Form library, since thats the reason you are seeing those views, and test deleting those two pages to see if the changes are reflected in the view menu. Then just try uploading documents to the library. Maybe you can just save the existing one as a template and create a new library from that to test.

So, deleting the repair.aspx and combine.aspx files in the Forms folder in SharePoint Designer worked... the "Merge Documents" and "Relink Documents" Public views are no longer listed in the library ribbon. Does anyone know if deleting those 2 files is going to break anything? I can't see to find anything about that on the internet. 

I don't think you are breaking anything else then the files for that specific list. If you are hessitant to remove the files you could also change the views so they are always empty (use a filter that will always result in false like ID equals 0). This way you can leave the files and the list as is and just update the view using the SharePoint UI.


There is no permission to remove the option to change views... You could make it a bit less obvious by changes the list view webpart settings and remove the view select option. 

Try this,

Go to alldocument edit view, then in Filter, select 'Created by' 'is equal to' '[me]. 


Then people can only view the documents created by them in this view. 


Only share Alldocument view to the group. very unlikely that people will click other views.