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Hi, I created a communication site under SharePoint. Unfortunately, I am not able to share my site with others. I'm given this message: This site has unique permissions. To share the site, please visit Advanced permissions settings. I am the only owner of the site but I can't find what setting I must change to give my colleagues access to the site. I gave the link to a colleague but his access was denied. What can I do? Thanks in advance!

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Odd behavior considering you are a site owner.


Can you confirm that your account has "Full Control" permissions with Check Permissions? Found in /_layouts/15/user.aspx.


A screen shot of the groups would be interesting as well (using /_layouts/15/user.aspx)

Thank you for your help. I finally deleted the site because it took me too long to find the mistake.


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Hi Tatjana! If you are a o365 Admin you can go to SharePoint Admin Center- then in left Navigation there’s also link to OneDrive Admin Center. There in this navigation is a link sharing on 2nd Position („Freigabe“)! There you can choose the settings for both, OneDrive and SharePoint. Greets, Eva

Thank you, but unfortunately I am not an Admin.

Greets, Tanja

I am currently having this issue - did anyone figure out why this happens?
Hi @Kelly_SD, can you specify your question? Would also be helpful to have screenshot on site options. Is your site created on a M365 group? Is a Teams-Team involved? Private or public site? Are you site owner? Is your site a classic one (without M365 Group) or a modern site?