Remove highlighted rectangles on news posts because it had been set to home page

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One of the features of setting a home page is that news posts get a highlighted rectangle with the home page name; I guess to signify that it's special. I don't want them anymore.

Screenshot 2022-10-18 133048.png

Things I've tried:

- Removing the home page

- Setting the home page to something else

- Removing and putting back the news web part

I am back to the exact settings where these rectangles didn't exist before but now, they won't go away.


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@Will_Hoch The colored rectangular block on news will appear when news is coming from one of the organization news sites.


If you set a communication site as the home site for your organization, it's automatically configured as an organization news site.

DocumentationCreate an organization news site 


I don't think you will be able to remove it from news web part settings. So, you may need to remove a site from the list of organization news sites using PowerShell: Remove-SPOOrgNewsSite

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