Remove field from sharepoint list form

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I'm creating a custom IT Ticket System using sharepoint list. I have a column called status, and i want only administrators to modify then. I searched for solutions but i can't find. So i have the idea to hide status when i have created the ticket (because only users will create requests).


I've tried to implement the conditional formula in the form:


=if([$Author] == @me, 'true', 'false')


But didn't work as i expect. Can someone help me to hide the status field from the user creator? 

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@jpcarpanezi Try using below formula. Hope it works for you else you have to customize the list form using Power Apps to show/hide the fields:


=if([$] == @me, 'true', 'false')


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Didn't work, is there any way to avoid to edit self ticket status, without PowerApps? I wan't just SharePoint admnistrators to edit the items.