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Is there a way to remove/disable the Yammer option in the Send To dropdown menu? Here is the link explaining it - We don't use Yammer and we would like to remove this option.


Hopefully a tenant wide option.








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@Monty Evans unless there's something in the SharePoint Admin Centre, out-of-the-box there's no way to remove the Send to Yammer link, it's built in.


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It's possible to hide actions, but it involves to create a SPFx Extension that hides them 

I can't find anything in SharePoint Admin Center.

Thanks for the info!
Can this be done for the tenant as a whole, or would I need to deploy the extension to each site?
Hey guys. Had the same question for our organization and this can be done.

Follow the top bit in this article : The part about "Enforce Office ..." via the Yammer Admin portal. The article steps are wrong as the interface has changed but ultimately you get to the spot where you set enforce O365 identity & set block O365 without Yammer licenses. Note it is a one way switch and to re-enable (reopen Yammer) you'd need to put a support case in.

@BigDaddyInLangley - we have both steps done already:-


  1. Enforce Office 365 Identity in Yammer; and
  2. Unassign Licenses from users


The Send to Yammer Option is still visible in our SPO site.