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I haven't been able to find anything about this but it's frustrating me beyond heck. I'm playing with the News Web Part and added a few text columns. They've been added to the main body when you click on an entry. One of them is ok but the rest are not and I can't find anywhere to delete them. I can uncheck them but I cannot delete them. Also, if I delete the web part and add a brand new one, all of the columns I added are now saved to that web part across the entire site. So how do I remove these columns?



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Not sure what you've added to that page but you are using classic sites and web parts here, which don't work the same as modern news webparts etc.

You have some form of a list that has these columns that you need to modify, if you go to site contents, you'll see all your lists, your web parts you are adding have to be based off these lists so you have to find out what one you added them for. then edit and find the columns there when editing the list.

@Chris Webb Ok I will check and look. Yea unfortunately my company is still on the old stuff, trying to get them on the new stuff. 


Basically I'm adding a default News Web Part and it comes with a default columns list. I added columns and now I'm trying to remove them. From what you were saying, it sounds like I have to find the actual list that the News Web Part uses?

@Chris Webb So I was able to edit the news web part and click on it and then edit the list settings from there. I'm still new to this so I'm learning as I go. Thanks for your help that gave me the hint that I needed.

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