Remove 'Add Cloud Storage' from Teams Files Menu (Sharepoint option)

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Hi, how would I disable the 'Add Cloud Storage' from the Files menu in Teams.  I've already gone into Org-Wide Settings and unchecked the third party storage.  


However, 'Add Cloud Storage' is still visible.   Users can click on 'Add Cloud Storage' and Sharepoint option will show up.    How can I remove this link entirely.


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Good question, not sure you can remove that part as it's SharePoint within the organization.
Thanks for replying. I figured as much but thought I'd reach out to the experts.
Did you have any luck with this one Aymiee, as I'm looking for the same answer?

Shortcuts to SharePoint can be disabled in OneDrive and we did this to stop users getting confused thinking the shortcuts were folders in their OneDrive or copies of files from SharePoint. It's quite possible we'll get similar scenarios with this.

We'd prefer to have users going to the related Team to collaborate rather than shortcuts mixing up different SharePoint site content.
Great thanks Christian, that's helpful! We'll take a look