Reminder to review information on Sitepages in Sharepoint

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I'm looking for a simple way to add a reviewdate column och the sitepages-site (/SitePages/Forms/AllPages.aspx) on a modern com-site .


We have a lot of information on different sitepages and need to review every two months. So if i create a new site it should get an atomatic review date today+2months.  Any ideas?

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Hello! You could easily solve this by adding a custom property field (date) with the name review date or similar. Then you can create a Power Automate that runs each day or week and looks over the pages. For each page it goes through, it can look at that specific date and see if two months has passed or not. If it has, it will send a notification to the page content owner, with an approval mail. If the content owner approves in the email response, then the Power Automate will update that specific page with a new value on the new column (review date), to be todays date. That means the review have just been accepted and it will need to go another two months before the application picks it up.

@ArefHalmstrand I created a column and could format it to take modified + 60. It sets the right date and i can use conditional formating for color.  I searched for sharepoint-triggers or anything to connect in powerautomate.  I want something like: If column is red -> send email

@AndreasBacklund I understand. :)

The column becomes red because of the conditional formatting. The same rule has to be applied in the validation for when the Power Automate goes through the pages. The trigger can be a button, frequency on each day/week/month etc and some more. So in short, if the "update" column date is past todays date, send email.

@ArefHalmstrand, you response to this enquiry looks like what I need too.  However I have tried to work out what this might look like in PowerAutomate but struggling as new to using it.


Do you have example workflow I can follow? I am looking to set up a Power Automate to automatically send an email to the SharePoint page owner after a set time, for example each start of term.


With thanks

@ArefHalmstrand wondering if you had an example workflow I could use as a base? I'm also new to Power Automate and it is exactly what I need too, thank you.

Forgive my late reply. I have been on parental leave for a couple of months. Is this still something you would like help with?

Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand
Congratulations! Yes, I would appreciate greatly your help. I am doing an online Power Automate course but as yet haven't succeeded in creating my flow. If possible, I could email my flowchart PDF for your review. If you are too busy, I understand completely. Thanks for your response, Monica