relevant Documents for all Users in SP 2016

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Hi 2 all. Since I'm new here and as well to the SharePoint server environment, I have some questions about the relevant document web app part and I'm hoping that you will help me out.


I found out that you can add the relevant document web app part to show the documents for the current user. But unfortunately, I really like the opportunity for me and my colleagues that we can see all recently uploaded or modified documents by any user so that you can see changes or new documents on the main site?

I didn't see a possibility to change that in the web part and so I wondered if there is another web part app for this or is there another template that I could use to achieve my goal?


I really hope you can help me out here so i will understand somethings here with the SharePoint server


I also apologize if I opened a already closed discussion but i wasn't able to find any thread for my problem


Thanks and best regards






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@Gregor_at try using the Highlighted Content Webpart. It can be configured to show documents recently modified in a site or library. Anyone with read access or better will see the documents in this webpart.