Related Issues Lookup in Modern UI Issue Tracking list

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When I add a new item to an Issue Tracking list in Modern UI that I have just created a view secounds before, there is simply nothing in the Related Issues dropdown list. That mid be because the list needs to be indexed, because a view minutes later and a view items more the dropdown will show a multi-value - all fine. But, how should I explane this to business users?


Is that known at Microsoft? Any ideas how to address this? It is not about latency on users site. It seams to me that it is simply Microsofts setup in the cloud.


What do you think about this observation and my conclusion?



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I don't see an item selected in the list so it's probably doing a edit all? Which means it's not going to show a value there your setting a value on all items?

Maybe it's just something up with the screenshot but not exactly sure what I'm seeing other than that from the screenshot.

The screenshot is how it should be. This two options shown in the dropdown are not shown within the first minutes after creating the Issue Tracking list. There´s only a red line, see other screenshot.

I`ve just checked this. The problem still occurs, I can`t select a related issue when I`ve just created the list a view minutes ago. I may stop the time …
Just want to let you know that this is fixed