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Hi Team,


I have created SharePoint online site contains two pages and two different list, I am trying to rotate that pages like "Image Carousel" but I am unable to do that. I need to show different pages data like as slider in the display, It is dynamic data.


Can you please tell me how I can do that ?

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HI @RajeshSawant ,

if you want to have a carousel slider for the pages then create a homepage for your site and add the news webpart.

Configure that webpart to use just this site as a news source and switch the layout to "Carousel".
Now go to both of your pages and select "Promote"->"As News on this page"

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@SvenSieverding, Thank you for your comment.


Could not found : Select "Promote"->"As News on this page"

Hi @RajeshSawant ,


you need to go to your page. Then it is on the top bar


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Hi SvenSieverding,

I have create the same slider is working fine, but the slide only showing title of the page as a link. I would like to show entire data.
How I can do that ? Need a help @SvenSieverding


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Hi @RajeshSawant,

mhm.... that is more difficult.....
You could do three things:


1) Create a completely new SPFX Webpart using Javascript ( )

2) Create a new PowerApp that loads data from your page library and displays the first element. Use then a timer control to switch to the next element every X seconds ( )

3) Create a Power Automate Flow that on save combines all of your information into a single string and sets that as the page title and use the news Webpart

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