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Hi Team,


I have created one application in power apps, I am saving that data into the SharePoint list.


But for use this list we need to provide edit access for the list but we don't wont the user can modify the data in the list. 

How to restrict them ?


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@RajeshSawant hello,


If I understood You correctly, You could change the list permissions and grant access just for the specific groups/users, which allows editing the data.

If You don't want, that users could edit the data - change the list permissions to read-only for specific users.

An alternative approach is that you hide the list in the Site so the users cannot easily discover it. You could also play with a custom permission level in SPO that can accomplish your scenario and use it in your App

@RajeshSawant what we do with data that we want to be secure is to give the users contribute permissions for the "open" list list but we don't tell them where that list is or the site it's on. But they might still guess so once they have submitted their form (either through Forms or Power Apps) a flow in Power Automate moves it to a "secure" list where the permissions are heavily locked down to just a few people, and it then deletes it from the open list.


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@MantasSeCan you please provide the steps.

Actually, We need that edit permission for user but we don't wont list visible to him.