Recycle bin is visible for guests

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Hi All,


I have a Sharpoint site, which can be shared to external geusts. The issue is that these external users have access to the recycle bin.


Site configuration

The sharing with external users is enabled through the following policy:


These external users are added to a Sharepoint group and given "Limited_root_level" access to the site.
The limited root level role is a custom role with the following configuration: 





Sharepoint documentation

According to the documentation, only users with a security role higher than read access have access to the recycle bin.


Any Site Member (with Edit permissions level) or Site/Group Owner (with Full Control permission level) can access the Recycle Bin. Visitors of the site (those with Read permission level) cannot access content in the Recycle Bin.

From <>


But the "Limited_root_level" role I have created, has less options enbled than the Read access role.


Control permissions

Effective access of Sharepoint group on site:



Can someone please help me with this issue? It is not preferable that external users have access to everythin that was deleted.


Thanks a lot


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Ruben Claeys


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