Recreating a Sharepoint List

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So, we created a tool in Sharepoint which had a list which saves the data. This list is also connected to Power Automate flow. We are done with the testing, and now want to deploy it as live tool. To do this, we have deleted all the list data. But, when we try to create a new item, the Sequence ID starts from where it left.


I read on the blogs that we need to delete and recreate the list from template again to make the ID initialize to 1. So, I wanted to know - will my Power Automate workflow work if I recreate the list? Will it affect any site pages where the list is used? Any other way to handle this?


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@bhushan90c you will need to create a new list and select "From an existing list" to create it. That will create a new blank list with any views that you created in the original one. You will then need to adjust your flow to look at the new list that has been created.


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