Recover a root site placed in the archives

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Hi folks!

Does anyone know how to find and recover a root site which has been archived?
I wanted to replace my classic SharePoint site by a new communication site however, during the swap, the Classic SharePoint has been archived whereas it contains important documents.


Thanks for your help!

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@mlienexpertimecom , We have the same issue now. The Site Swap failed and now, both the old root site and the new communications site is in Archives. No one can access teams files... I hear even OneDrive gets affected by the lack of a root site. And still no replies to your question.

So, there are a lot of articles explaining how to restore a deleted root site. Our site is not deleted, just moved to "/sites/archive_2022...". 


We need instructions on how to

1) Redo the SiteSwap but without an existing root site.

2) Create a new site as a root site. (cannot find anything on this)


Did you resolve your issue?

@MarcusEnglund This same thing literally just happened to me this morning. No fix yet? I don't understand why there's an option to recover a deleted file but not an archived one?