Recently updated documents web part for all users?

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Our organisation has a site with a number of sub sites. On the top-level site's home page I'd like some way of showing documents and wiki articles that have been recently added/updated, not just in the main site but across all the sub sites too. I've found the "site activity" web part but that only shows changes in the main site. Is there something similar that would include changes across all sub sites?


Failing that, I could live with having the "site activity" web-part on the home page of each sub-site, if this is possible? The problem is that when I edit a sub site page it's a very different experience to editing a page in the parent site (why is this?), and the list of web parts is completely different, with no sign of the "site activity" web part:



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Hello @andyste1 

i'm confused. What kind of SharePoint do you use? The header looks like SPO in M365, but you use an classic site and your post tag are "sharepoint server", can found here a lot of informations about classic vs. modern:


Your top-level site are an classic site. I think your sub sites use an modern experience, that's the reason, how this looks totally different . In modern you can use the "highlighted content" web part, with this, you can show content cross site.

When you use M365, please, use only modern ;)


Regards, Dave