Recent activity in library/folders not updating properly

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I've been looking through one of my sites and some folders have a complete history of changes for what looks like 60 days (which I think is the standard) however some with changes in the last 5 days have "There is no recent activity for this item" in the activity pane. I can see that things in that folder have modification dates well within the 60 days though. What's going on here, and why is it happening in some folders but not others?


The file in this screenshot was modified less than a month ago but you can see it's not logged. But other folders in the same site show edits for miles.



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@AndrewB_33335   We have the same issue in our organization.

@AndrewB_33335  Did you find anything to fix this? I just had someone asks that question and same behavior as you, some folders in the document library are showing activity and some are not...

@FDTMsft  No, I didn’t. I escalated it to company tech support and they couldn’t reproduce it: when doing something in a folder/library that wasn’t registering activity our actions were being recorded at that stage.