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Hi all, 


Im quite new to sharepoint online and have been struggling to give access to a user to view all items in a sharepoint list. This list has a setting in advanced which allows the users to read / edit items created by the user only. However i also want to give access to other users to view the contents of the entire list. 


The scenarios is this:

1. Each manager creates and views his own recruitment items (working fine).

2. HR manager views all the items created by all managers. (In Permissions settings i cannot seem to find a Read only permission to view all the items in the sharepoint List) if that is possible? 

3. HR Personnel also need to view all items 


So far i have tried adding hr manager and assigning approve permissions and it works (all items in the list are shown), but it allows the hr manager to add new items or edit items in the list. For the HR manager it's fine, however i will also need to add HR personnel to view only the all the items of this list. How can i achieve this ?


Any help would be appreciated :) 



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@KrisCachia go to List settings then over on the right click on Permissions for this list. To make the permissions more fine-grained click on Stop Inheriting permissions in the ribbon at the top left. Then select the checkbox next to the group who should have only read permissions, normally your visitors group, and click on Edit user permissions in the ribbon. That will give you the following screen where you can select what permissions they should have. Any user group who needs to add items to the list will need contribute permissions, but if your users are only reading the list items then just check the Read box.




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Hi there,

thank you for your reply. I have tried it and yes the HR personnel have read only access to the list. But the list is not showing any items, most likely because they were created by other users.

I need to somehow give them access to view all the list items even those which are created by others.

There must be a filter on the view. So create a view without any filter and your users will be able to view all the items.
ok i will try creating a view as read only.

Many Thanks


I created a Public view so that any user which has access to the list can access it. The view's settings are to show all items. However the user has access to the list but still the items are not showing.


I am thinking that items are not showing because of this setting (read all items that were created by the user)?

Read all items created by the user.png

Is there a way to list all items read only for public users while having this setting on ? 



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@KrisCachia This is not possible out of the box while using Read items that were created by the user settings.

You can grant approve permissions to HR personnel also & advise them to not add/edit items in list. You can track changes if anything is added/updated by HR personnel using version history.

OR try below complex/messy way:

  1. Remove Read items that were created by the user settings.
  2. Grant Read permissions to HR personnel & contribute/edit permissions to other users & HR manager on SharePoint list.
  3. Run Power Automate flow on item creation --> break permission inheritance for list item --> Grant required permissions & remove other permissions
  4. This approach will be problematic if the list will be very big or if you want to grant/remove permissions of lot of users (in this case, use groups for permissions instead of individual users --> it will make the process less simple)

Limitations of breaking permission inheritance 

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