Ratings in thumbnail view of picture library

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In sharepoint online, I created a picture library and enabled star rating.  When the library is in Thumbnail view, the star ratings are not visible, even if i select the item and click the "i" icon to bring up the properties/info panel.  If i switch to list view, the star ratings are visible.  I checked the view settings and the ratings 0-5 column is checked.  Is there no way to display star ratings on thumbnail view?  

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I have the exact same need :) 

Anyone come up with solutions for this?  Ratings don't show up in Tiles view, only List.  


Is there any way to modify the Tiles view to show Ratings instead of "Edited by"? 


It seems like a bug, but if there is code needed to make a custom view, anyone have any leads or direction on how to find someone to do it?




I have the same requirement if someone has a solution for it would be great. Else I'll try creating a gallery in Power Apps and add the ratings in App.

@Chad Miller Ever figure out a solution to this? It's almost 2021, and this still seems to be lacking

I'm looking for the same feature. Anything new?

Same issue for me. Is there any solution for this?