"We couldn't create your rule. Please try again." error with restricted list permissions

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I setup a list with the following restrictions (under list Settings > Advanced Settings) so that users can create/see/edit only their records:

  • Read accessRead items that were created by the user
  • Create And Edit access: Create items and edit items that were created by the user

With these settings, even I as site owner and the person who created the list and has access to read/change/delete all records, cannot create any rules under Automate.  Every rule I try to create results in error:
"We couldn't create your rule. Please try again."


I have to change Read access to "Read all items" to be able to create rules - but then that exposes everyone's records.  

Is this a bug or is it a feature that even someone with full rights to the list cannot create a rule because there is tighter security for other users?

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I'm seeing the same issue, I can't create rules on a Sharepoint list, the system just throughs this error. It is regardless of the type of rule as well.

Identified this is a permissions error

The owner needs to open the list and select: Settings > List settings > Advanced settings. Under Item-level Permissions, the Read access option must be changed to Read all items.
Yes, I mentioned this in my original post. But it defeats the point of wanting restricted permissions on the list.

@DCKan The way I got around that was by using power automate, not lists automation.

Did the same. Not ideal but it works.
I still think since a list owner has full permissions on all list records, he/she should be able to do list automation and not have to resort to Power Automate.