"Something went wrong" - when uploading to SP sites experienced by multiple users.

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Multiple users experienced "Something went wrong" while uploading file/s to SharePoint.

*File is no more than 5MB.

*Both happen in home and office - Firewall is not an issue.

*Sometimes it happens, sometimes' not. - users are getting irritated.

*Storage is not yet full.



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Encountering a "Something went wrong" error message while uploading files to SharePoint Online can be frustrating, but there are several potential reasons for this issue.

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

1. Browser Compatibility:

Ensure that the users are using a supported and up-to-date web browser. Microsoft recommends using the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox for optimal SharePoint Online compatibility.

2. Browser Cache and Cookies:

Clear the browser cache and cookies. Cached data may sometimes cause issues with file uploads. After clearing the cache, try uploading the file again.

3. Check for Service Outages:

Verify if there are any service outages or issues reported in the SharePoint Service Health Dashboard. Sometimes, temporary service disruptions can cause these errors.

4. Browser Add-ons/Extensions:

Disable browser add-ons/extensions, as they might interfere with SharePoint functionality. Try uploading the file after disabling all add-ons and extensions, and then enable them one by one to identify any potential conflicts.

5. Network Connectivity:

Ensure that users have stable and reliable network connectivity. A shaky or unreliable internet connection can lead to disruptions during file uploads.

6. File Naming Conventions:

Check if the file names adhere to SharePoint's naming conventions. Avoid using special characters, symbols, or reserved keywords in file names, as they can cause issues.

7. File Type Restrictions:

Verify that the file type is allowed in the SharePoint document library. SharePoint Online may restrict certain file types for security reasons.

8. Permissions:

Confirm that users have the necessary permissions to upload files to the SharePoint document library. Lack of proper permissions can result in errors.

9. Check for Required Fields:

If the document library has required metadata or fields, ensure that users are providing values for these fields during the upload. Missing required information can lead to errors.

10. Try Different Upload Methods:

Test different methods of file upload, such as dragging and dropping files directly into the document library, using the "Upload" button, or using the OneDrive sync client.

11. Update Antivirus Software:

Ensure that antivirus software on users' computers is up to date. Sometimes, antivirus software can interfere with file uploads.

It's recommended to document any error messages or specific details provided in the "Something went wrong" message, as these details can be helpful when seeking support.


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