"skeleton" marks in sharepoint

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Hi I'm seeing marks when loading modern pages


Is there any way to hide them? It ruins the user experience. They appear everytime before opening a page.




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Hi @Nuno Brites,

The "skeleton" marks you're seeing are likely intergrated to SharePoint's page loading process, serving as temporary placeholders while the actual content loads. This is standard in web design to enhance the user experience by indicating where content will appear.

If these marks persist and disrupt your user experience, it could be due to factors such as a slow network connection, heavy page content, or an issue with SharePoint itself.

Unfortunately, as an end user, there isn't a direct method to hide these "skeleton" marks since they are inherent to the SharePoint platform.

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Leon Pavesic

Thanks for the reply. I was trying to find out if we could hide them via css setting or other method (not as a user). I have another simpler modern site and the marks also appear there.
In Microsoft conferences where they show sharepoint sites I haven't noticed it.
Strangely they don't appear when opening the homepages.