"Shared with Us" link in Modern SharePoint Menu (behavior)?

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Can anyone explain the behavior of the "Shared With Us" link in the left menu of the modern sharepoint sites?  Specifically dealing with a Group-connected site at the moment.


But the link keeps appearing sometimes, disappearing sometimes, it causes "subbullets" under the Documents to become subbullets under the "Shared With Us".

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"This UserVoice instance is no longer available."
As it was posted last june...

The uservoice links listed before no longer works, BUT you can vote for a fix at Microsofts new user feedback site.


The reason I shared a search instead of a specific post, is that there are multiple posts regarding the same issue. Make sure to upvote so we hopefully can have a fix before SharePoint reach end-of-life ;)

Hi @Brent Ellis ,

I am no SharePoint wiz by any stretch of the imagination and am all self taught.

However, I just stumbled across on a solution which may not suit everyone.

On the Home page site select the settings cog and scroll down to "Change the look" 

Change from Vertical view to Horizontal - You won't see the "Shared with Us" now in the left bowling alley.


Hope this solves the issue for some people.



@Adam0806  This is an ok solution for developers who have the decision making power to do this however my manager wants vertical layout.  Thanks tough 

@Adam0806 Thanks but this is not a solution for people with very large menus or titles.

I've been very frustrated by this problem. Right now, September of 2023, it is the MOST VOTED problem and yet Microsoft seems like they are ignoring it. They have responded to feedbacks with fewer votes.


@shuacesThis has been rumbling on since around 2017 and, as you said, Microsoft are ignoring it.  It's like sometimes they decide an idea is so brilliant and are determined to push it until everyone gives in.


Microsoft, I have never used Shared with us and I can see no future use for it.  Sure, leave it there but MAKE IT EASY TO SWITCH OFF / HIDE / GET RID OF.  Take the hint, techies hate it and it confuses users.