"Shared with Us" link in Modern SharePoint Menu (behavior)?

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Can anyone explain the behavior of the "Shared With Us" link in the left menu of the modern sharepoint sites?  Specifically dealing with a Group-connected site at the moment.


But the link keeps appearing sometimes, disappearing sometimes, it causes "subbullets" under the Documents to become subbullets under the "Shared With Us".

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This link is part for sure of the Group chapter...in case of groups it reflects the files that has been shared with the group similar to the Shared with me feature in ODFB...should it be in the modern team sites? Well, here is where the discussion comes to the table and the dual story when talking about groups and modern team sites:
(1) You can create a Group from different places and get a modern team site
(2) You can create a modern team site from the SharePoint landing page and get a Group

as explained this shows foles or folders that have been explicitly (to: field) shared with that group. In my experince this navigation item is only visible when the user navigates to the default document library, I'm unsure about additionally created doclibs. 

I guess your custom sub navigation messes with the scripts that show and hide this shared with us navitem. 

How to delete this "Shared with Us" link in Modern SharePoint Menu? 


Please help....

@Anjani Challamcherla Has anyone determined if the "Shared with Us" link in Modern SharePoint Menu can be removed/deleted?

Need a way to delete it. How it can be done?

We need the ability to delete this or manage it through the menu.  

Agree - Need the ability to remove this in the navigation bar! 

Agreed; need to be able to disable "Shared with Us" as a link in the left nav menu.

Agreed - need a way to remove this, or at least move its position because it's location is in between lists?

Agreed - When designing solutions for people that aren't used to utilizing this platform, I need the least amount of visual clutter possible.

Agreed with all here.  Probably the most frustrating part of SPO so far is so many pieces that aren't optional or configurable. 

2.5 years later, I'd like to repeat the question. How to get rid of the link in left menu as it doesn't show on pages, but on list view pages it does show in erratically in the middle of other left menu items?

I have the same question, please give us an option to remove this thing, it's super annoying...:facepalm:

Same problem, must be a way to delete this...

Came up with a no-so-elegant workaround, better than nothing: https://blog.jussipalo.com/2019/09/problem-for-apparently-nearly-3-years.html

Please let us delete this - it makes no sense in many situations. The solution of using a React web part to inject CSS isn't a solution.


Note: for others unsure of whether this just appears in the default document library - unfortunately that is not the case, so just creating other document libraries doesn't solve the issue.

Agreed, we need the ability to remove or at least hide this link. 

Microsoft please wake up and give the SPO Administrators a way to hide the useless "Share with me" menu link. It is in the wrong location in the menu and no one in our company uses it

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Thanks for providing feedback on this! Please submit or up-vote this over at sharepoint.uservoice.com as well as this helps us prioritize the work we do. Thanks!


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