"Move to" within the same library breaks document sets

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I just had another call with Microsoft Support and it seems that they just don't get the issue. 


Try the following: 

1. Activate document sets site collection feature

2. Add document set content type to a library

3. Create a document set

4. Show the ID column in the list view

5. Add some folders or files to the document set

6. Use the "Move To" function (not drag & drop!) to move the document set to a new location within THE SAME LIBRARY!


What basically happens is, that it is not an actual move but a copy and delete of the document set.


This leads to the point, that the following things are broken after the "Move to" of the doc set:

- Unique permissions & sharing links on the document set or files/folders within the set are broken (Move To doesn't move permissions, so every item within the doc set gets reset to inherit permissions)

- Document set captured versions are broken (the links to the file versions)

- Lookups to the document set are broken

- Durable links are broken

- When using the Document ID service -> The links are broken too


When using drag & drop to move the file to a new folder -> everything is fine. This also only occurs on document sets. When using "Move to" on normal folders, the folders gets moved as expected and doesn't copy & delete.


I am a bit frustrated about this because Microsoft Support just keeps telling me that this is by design. That might be true when moving the document set to another library or site. But moving within the same library, it can't be by design that drag & drop behaves differently as "Move to". Or that moving documents sets with "Move to" behaves differently as "Move to" on folders.


Is there anybody else faces this issue or are document sets such an exotic feature, that we are the only ones who struggling with this?

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Just to give you an update if anybody else stumbles across this behaviour:
MS Support still sticks to it, that it is intentional and is documented under "Manage permissions on a document set": https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/create-and-manage-document-sets-c71d5796-d559-48de-b1b3-4...
The main tag line of MS support: "Document sets are different from files or folders".

The next thing they are now investigating is, why the document set captured versions are broken after the "Move To" within the same library. I'm guessing the answer: This is by design...
Actually, I observe the same issue. Even moving a document in a sub-folder of a library to the parent folder breaks the document ID. interesting enough, it keeps the Document ID, but the document ID is broken and doesn't lead to the document anymore.
Considering Document IDs as the only option to work with shorter URL and not breaking a link to a document by renaming the document, a document move needs to work. It's a bug from my point of view, or just bad design, if this doesn't work.

@Breisgauer After this post last year, I had several more support calls and tickets regarding this issue - always with the same frustrating result even beyond first level support: MS is considering this as "by design". Best statement of one of these support guys: "Document sets are different, so it cannot be expected that Move To work the same way as it does with folders". :facepalm: 


If anybody can somehow sort this out with MS, I'll buy her/him a beer. But at least it is good to know that I am/my clients are not the only one, who is struggling with this issue.