"Move to/copy to" with search functionality


A new site collection is created for each project where external sharing is not allowed. (Provisioning)

We have around 300 active projects at the moment.

We have 1 site collection where external sharing is allowed.

For each project a new document library is created in the external site collection. (Provisioning)


"Move to/copy to" issue:

When the user wants to move or copy a file to the related document library on the external site they are not able to quickly select the related document library.


They need to scroll  through the list of 300 document libary's.


There is no way to search for sites or libraries when using "move to/copy to"?

I only see the possibility so see followed sites.

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Unfortunately you are correct and there is not a search feature in the Copy To / Move To functionality

@MelanieO365 Where is the fuc:!"**king search button for copy to/move to . This is basics . Do the basics correctly first. Stuff like this makes me want to move cloud services. 


The same for send email to one note in outlook there is no search function. If you have multiple notebooks you must search over coutless of notebooks. Since there is no search for this it renders the function pointless. send to / copy to / move to add search function or remove the options these fucntions.