"Move" Permissions

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We have users who are responsible for moving files from one folder to another but we can not allow them to delete files.  

It's my understanding that the file system sees "move" as the same as "delete". While I begrudgingly grasp this concept, this is difficult to explain to the average user (and supervisors) who require this functionality. 

Are there any work arounds to make this work? 

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I would give a try to created some custom permission in which i will do contribute with no delete....

so take an existing security group copy it, edit the name make it what ever you need to call is and inside that try to uncheck the delete function and then add members to this group or add this group to members.

hope that works for your case?
I created a new permission level "Move Test" with every box checked except Delete Items and Delete Versions.
I gave a new user "Move Test" permissions.
The new user can not move a file to another folder.
The new user cannot rename a file they just created.
When the user attempts to move a file they just created, this error is displayed - "Cannot read property of 'value' of undefined."