"Hub Visitors" added to associated sites even though "Sync Hub Permissions" is not enabled

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I have created a SharePoint Hub site. I have connected 30 sites to it. When I did this, a group named "Hub Visitors" was added to each of these connected sites. Since some of the sites contain sensitive information and I don't want to risk someone accidentally gaining access to one of these sites, I manually deleted this group from all sites. Now, a day later, when I go to the sites and look, the group has been added to them again.



On the Hub site, "Sync hub permissions to associated sites" is turned off (and it has never been turned on). Therefore, I think that no group should be added to the associated sites until possibly turning on "Sync hub permissions to associated sites".


I have already read the article "Associate a SharePoint site with a hub site" so I understand that a site owner can choose for himself if he/she wants to synchronize site permissions with hub permissions. What worries me is that the "Hub Visitors" group is added to the sites without any of this being enabled.


Here is a similar question "One of our sites got a Group named "Hub Visitors" what is this SharePoint group" but it does not answer what I am wondering about.


So, the question I want an answer to is: Is there anyone who can explain why this happens, how it works - or should work?

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The group Hub Visitors is going to be created on any site joined to the Hub, but sync is not going to happen if it's disabled on a site joined to the Hub