"Hidden" columns in SharePoint list aren't being hidden from the form?

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I have a list in SharePoint Online where users can create new list items by filling in various details within a form (using the modern experience).


The list uses some workflows which required me to create some hidden columns. When the user creates a new list item, I want these columns to not be visible on the form.


I'd previously configured the columns to be set as "hidden" which worked fine up until recently. Now, these columns are displaying in my form despite being set to hidden.





In terms of solutions I can see that the columns are successfully hidden in the classic experience. However, when showing this site to staff I've always used the modern experience, using classic would only confuse people and also looks very dated. It was also working fine in the modern experience before.


The other option is to use a PowerApp. However, the form has some append-only comments, something PowerApps does not display correctly or support currently. 


Any help would be great!

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It seems to be a bug, this is totally unexpected. Just open a support case to notify about the issue

Same here, it's a nightmare.

It seems that they resolved the issue.

@MarcoMangiante  i dont think they did. Im still have this issue

Still getting the same thing.  @Toby McDaid 

@Abarbanel you can  customise your SharePoint form in Power Apps and hide whichever columns you don't want the user to see and only show them the columns they need:




It's not difficult but come back with any questions about this.


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@Toby McDaid There is Edit Form option in the item form as shown below. You can use Show/Hide columns option to hide and sort the columns in the form.


I'm looking for a more permanent solution.  I am able to hide the column for as long as I don't reload the page. I want to hide this column permanently.  It is only pertinent to the workflow and is not needed to be seen. @RobElliott 


Hi Rob


Thank you for the suggestion. I found it easy to choose columns to have on the edit form except for the name field. I'm trying to use this on a document library. The name field can appear but it's only to view, you can't edit the name. It also seems to be effecting the New form because a name is required for a new document set in the document library but the name isn't an editable field so no new document set is created with the power apps form. What should I do?

I am having this same issue. I keep going back and hiding the fields and they keep popping back in when the page refreshes. So irritating.