"Filter by" in sharepoint list returning no results?

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Some users on my team are having an issue with a sharepoint list. they are in a specific view (not all items) and are trying to filter by a people/groups column. when they select a user to filter by, they get so results, or in some cases an "invalid statement, ResultCode:1" error. Typically if they refreshed the browser, or closed and reopened it, the filter would then work.


I tried out clearing cache with one user, and that seemed to resolve the issue, but not sure if that is temporary fix or what. 


Anyone else seeing this issue?



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I'm having the same issue when I'm filtering by supervisor name and using MonthStart / MonthEnd but only in some views @Mike_Bresnan 

I also have the same problem, clearing the cache works, but then the problem returns

Any resolution to this issue?