"Copy To" & "Move To" from a user onedrive personal site will not show available sharepoint sites

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I am working on an office 365, and we want to move all the files and folders found inside a user's onedrive personal site to a document library inside a new modern team site.

now we already have an empty modern team site created by the office 365 admin one year ago + i create a new modern team site today. but when i access the user's onedrive personal site >> select the folders >> click on "Copy To" >> i only got the root site collection to copy the files to... while i need to copy the files/folders to the newly create modern team site or to the previously created modern team site..


here is the options i got when i click on "Copy to"



and here is the options when i click on the above "Browse sites" link, which only showed the root site collection



now i do not think that i can not copy files from onedrive personal sites to modern team site, as i did this before on another tenants.. but not sure what is going on inside this tenant ...

also i noted that this problem will happen if i want to "Copy to" files/folders inside sharepoint libraries (not just onedrive personal sites libraries) + i tried to follow the newly created site to force it to appear inside the "copy to" sites' list, but there is not any option to follow the sites, here is the upper area looks like with no option to follow the sites:-


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Hi @john john,


Is the "Following Content" Site Feature is enabled within the new site? If not, activate it, "Follow" the site and hopefully the copy should work.


I hope this helps.




You don't get follow on a newly created site until it gets indexed or something permission related gets applied on the back end to the site. It takes 5-10 minutes or so before it shows up but it will shortly after creating just not right away. Once followed then you should be able to use it.

I have the same issue. It's a Teams site (let's call it Site A) that was created around 24 hours ago. On the Sharepoint homepage, Site A appears in my frequent sites list. It also appears in my following list on the left. However, when trying to use the copy to/move to function, Site A doesn't appear.


If I try to copy/move a file within Site A, it appears in the sites list. But if I try to copy/move from another site, Site A doesn't appear.