"Browse Teams and Channels" option disappeared from Calls

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Hi all,
I figured this could be a SharePoint setting as nobody in the Teams 'hub' knew the answer.

Our "Browse Teams and Channels" option has disappeared from within Teams calls.
I have looked through both Teams and SharePoint admin centres and cannot find the solution.
Can anyone help?


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@JonPidduck I have exactly the same problem permanently. Even in chats, I do not have the option to add files from Channel files:



The option exist only in channels, not private chats.

Has anyone figured out if there is a way to share files in a meeting that are stored in another Teams Channel? 


I have PowerPoints saved in a Channel that I would like to upload/share in conference calls that are scheduled outside of the Group/Channel the PowerPoint is saved in.  Yes I can just save the PowerPoint on my Comp and share/upload from my Comp, but it would be nice to just share/upload direct from the Channel the PowerPoint is saved in, without having to save the file to my Comp.


It looks like this function used to be there, from a YouTube Video I just watched:




The Browse Teams and Channels option is not showing up when I try to Share in the meeting...