Quick way to see who is following a community

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I'm very new to Sharepoint and I have recently just moved our Classic site (which was only a year old) to Modern pages on Sharepoint Online.  It's going very well, but managing users and permissions and access is a real pain.


I created a SPUSERS-ALL 365 group and I tried to share my hub and attached communities via this group and nothing happens.  NO ONE gets access to the hub or any of the attached communities.  I only have luck adding all the users entering them individually on each community and the allowing them access. 


So I have two questions:


1.  Why isn't my group working?

2.  Is there an easy way to see who has been given access to a community?



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So I assume after 86 view of my question, there is NO answer or way to do this.  I continue to find SharePoint's lack of some basic controls very, VERY disappointing.


Does anyone from Microsoft read through this community?  No question should go without a reply.

@AaronTheYoung How exactly are you sharing the hubsite and connected communities? Are you using the "Share" button in the topright corner of the site? I have found that that not always works as you would expect. I usually use the "advanced permission settings" interface. You should be able to see which members have access to the site from which you entered the menu.


Another way to more quickly check multiple sites would be via the SharePoint admin center; just select any site and then check the Permissions tab. You can still only check the permissions for one site at a time this way, but it's quicker than going to the advanced permissions settings interface for each site.


EDIT: looking at the title of this topic, I'd like to point out that there is a distinct difference between following a community and having access to one. The topic title asks for a way to view who is following a community, while your post seems to ask how to see who has access to community sites. I am talking about the latter, ie. checking who has access as that seems to be what you are having problems with.