Quick Links Web Part Tiles Extra Margin in Styles

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Noticed when using the Quick Links webpart set as tiles and the text wraps to a second line we are seeing some additional margin at the bottom added to the text-wrapping causing the tiles not to be aligned. Not a big deal until u run into a design/marketing team intranet who is extremely precise on details like this. Has anybody else experiences this? Any suggestions on how to fix without customizing the CSS? Or just maybe all text in tiles should be one line or all two lines? Adding space after one line in title doesn't work also, ignores the extra space. Thanks


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@CE_Group yes this has been reported before, but as you can't change the CSS except (perhaps) with SPFx the only solution currently is all on 1 line or all on 2 lines.


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@RobElliott thank for the info, yeah SPFx is out from our side since goes against the established client governances and policies they have set in place by IT. May just need to set up a best practice to use one line or all two lines of text for tiles for now, until SharePoint has a better option or update to handle the text wrapping margin issue.