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Previously, I was using Quick Links Web Part to connect my libraries to my pages. While I was connecting them, I had the chance to connect more than 1 library with multiple selection. Since last Wednesday, I can't select those libraries anymore. You may see my screen below. Whenever I come on top of those libraries, only option I have is to open the library. Unfortunately, I need the link to library itself. Does anyone know how to solve this? I've wasted hours on this already and couldn't come up with any solution on internet... Did they change the way Quick Links Web Part works? (I've tried 3 different laptops and 2 different accounts, still failed) Thanks in advance for your attention. SharePoint Failure.PNG

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They are adding new WebPart and updating existing ones, so it might happen they have updated the QuickLinks WebParts too so it's not working anymore as it worked before
If all your doing is linking to a library go to that library and copy the URL from your browser url bar and then in the quick link webpart use the From a Link option and paste it in.

Hello @Chris Webb,


Thank you for the answer. I need to link around 50 libraries, so I wouldn't prefer to do it like that. But apparently that is the only option I have. 


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Yigit Yürüker 

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Thank you for the explanation. I found it very difficult to understand how updating works in SharePoint, they seem to remove most of the nice features we have in order to introduce new things every single time. It is very disappointing. 


Anyhow, I wish you a good start to the week and thank you once again for the explanation.


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Yigit Yürüker

@Yigit_Yuruker I'm experiencing the same issue and its causing a lot of problems for many of our staff. If you come across a solution it would be highly appreciated

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Unfortunately there is not updates nor I still couldn't find any solution. All I can do is; Site Contents - Open in new Tab - Copy Link - Paste Link. I keep spending extra time stupidly just a complete a task that used to be available. Pure disappointment. At this point, I can only wish you and your team the patience. I hope a solution will come soon. 


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Instead of using the URL to link the libraries you also can click on the library and when you are inside the library then you can click the "open" button.