Quick links document library from site open not working

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I noticed this last week that if I create a Document Library, I then want to create a tile link using the quick links option, simple stuff but if I go to Add Link from Site, the Open option is greyed out and disabled. There is a way of doing this by copying the URL of the link but it's seems a bit of a faff and worried that other things may start to get disabled. It is a site I created and I have Full Control over it, anyone got any ideas? Thank you.

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@Jason Hunt 

There's another discussion about this here - https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/sharepoint/sharepoint-online-modern-quick-links-web-part-can-...


I'm curious if it started working for you and has stopped again.  Mine doesn't work as of just last week, was working fine before that.  :(