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Hi! I am new to Sharepoint and creating my first site.  I have the links at the top of the screen, but how do i get the quick launch back on the left side of the screen? I am hoping to be able to have it visible only to admins, and allow me as an admin to view the documents, site contents, news...etc but it has disappeared.....I did start from a template.  (Image attached)




Thank you!

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Hello @adamsellsnj


have you created a communication site? You have a left site navigation only in team sites. Currently it's not possible to switch the site type from communication site to team site. But for your Viva Connections you need to use a communication site.




Regards, Dave 

@adamsellsnj Which site template are you using? Are you using one of the communication site or team site template?

By default communication site has top navigation & team site has left navigation.

You can change the orientation of navigation from left (vertical) to top (horizontal) in team sites. Check more information at: New Navigation features for SharePoint team sites 

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