Quick help with Json formatting of List based on Githhub resource.

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Hi everyone, 


Can someone help me with the following: 


I created a list and a board view according to the guidance and resources here in Github: https://github.com/pnp/List-Formatting/tree/master/view-samples/board-tags


However, I have no idea where to put the Json code in the list advanced formatting... These are the json resources:


Can anyone help me/point me to where I need to copy paste this code in the list I created? Many thanks!
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@philborremans You have to use either of these three JSON files given (as per your requirements).


Follow below steps to add JSON to list view:

  1. Go to your list and open the newly created list view.
  2. Open the view dropdown and choose Format current viewganeshsanap_1-1658407603794.png


  3. Click on the Advanced modeganeshsanap_2-1658407851484.png


  4. Remove the existing JSON from textbox.  Then copy JSON from GitHub, paste it in textbox and click Save.

For more information, follow this documentation: Use view formatting to customize SharePoint 

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