Quick Help! Complex Issue - Quick Chart, Lookup (Count Related), and a Number Column

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Looking for some quick advice please!


I have a list of, essentially, individual projects with data. I need to be able to count the number of projects associated with each Department.



I have done this by making a second list of departments with an associated Lookup (Count Related) column. Now, my issue is that I want to pull the data of this second list (Departments and Counts) into a Quick Chart web part on the homepage. The values of the Lookup column aren't available to select for the Quick Chart, presumably because they aren't numbers. So I created an additional column and used column formatting to set it equal to that lookup value:




Using this JSON:

"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "=Number([$Count])"
This new column is correctly mirroring the lookup column. It's set up as a "Number" column. And it is available in the Quick Chart configuration for selection. However, when I select it for the Quick Chart, the chart is pulling zeros all the way across despite there being 1s and 2s in that column as a result of the lookup. 
When I open a specific item, though, there is no value in this column despite the column formatting populating a value:

Why is this happening?


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