Quick Help! Complex Issue - Quick Chart, Lookup (Count Related), and a Number Column

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Looking for some quick advice please!


I have a list of, essentially, individual projects with data. I need to be able to count the number of projects associated with each Department.



I have done this by making a second list of departments with an associated Lookup (Count Related) column. Now, my issue is that I want to pull the data of this second list (Departments and Counts) into a Quick Chart web part on the homepage. The values of the Lookup column aren't available to select for the Quick Chart, presumably because they aren't numbers. So I created an additional column and used column formatting to set it equal to that lookup value:




Using this JSON:

"elmType": "div",
"txtContent": "=Number([$Count])"
This new column is correctly mirroring the lookup column. It's set up as a "Number" column. And it is available in the Quick Chart configuration for selection. However, when I select it for the Quick Chart, the chart is pulling zeros all the way across despite there being 1s and 2s in that column as a result of the lookup. 
When I open a specific item, though, there is no value in this column despite the column formatting populating a value:

Why is this happening?


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(Sorry, this wasn't exactly "quick" help) I'm assuming the reason is that you are only applying formatting to the column and not actually doing anything to the value of that column. When Quick Chart gets the data from the list item, the actual value is null.

Don't suppose you ever found an actual answer to this? I'm trying to figure out a similar problem.