Quick edit item not editing

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I have column that won’t let me edit under quick edit option. Is there a way I can edit?

See attached. I added this engineer column. Now I am unable to add data to that column.
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@cad-one Hello,

Is this in SharePoint Online? Are you an editor in the current page? I can see from your image that you are having low frame size, are you perhaps using a smartphone? 

Yes it’s a SharePoint online.  I created this list. Yes I used a smart phone to create this image. But, I could not add value to that ‘engineer’ column even on a computer. 

@cad-one If you visit the list through this URL:


You should see a view similar to the image below:



Click on "Edit in grid view" and now you should be able to edit all columns in each object.


Yours sincerely,
Aref Halmstrand